Firefly: Light Where You Have No Power


Firefly is designed to bring you power wherever you are. The unique power system provides consistent lighting to your home by harvesting the power of the sun! It’s powerful, easy-to-use and customizable.


What’s Included

Five 1.2 Watt LED Lights
Super Bright Lights, 160 Lumens
Easily Mounted Lights
Outdoor Rated
Up to 12 Hour Run Time
Built-in Switch
5M Cable Included
Up to 10 Years Life Expectancy

Solar Panel
Outdoor Rated Polycrystalline Panel
22.7″ x 14.1″ Aluminum Frame
5M Power Cord Included
Lightweight for Easy Mounting
Up to 25 Years Life Expectancy
Control Box
Built-in Power Switch
USB Port for Phone Charging
Easily Mounted
Replaceable Lithium Ion Battery
Up to 5 Years Life Expectancy on Battery
LED Indicators for Battery & Solar Status

This product meets the Lighting Global Quality Standards.
Third-party test results verification for the product are available at this link